Expectant Mommy - Pomeranian- Hope Lynn


I decided to do this page because I thought if famous women could show off their baby bumps why should my girls be any different? I mean they are famous too; right? They are famous to me, and to each one of you who has one of their babies or who is going to have.


 So I thought this would be a fun way to show mommies while they are pregnant. I will tell you how each mommy is doing and their little quirks, and post pictures of baby bellies. I will post other pictures as well.








Hope Lynn                                                                                                    Leo Mason


Hope and Leo are expecting their babies between May 13 - 19 2018. This is the second time they have had babies together. Hope's last pregnancy went very smoothly and this one is as well.

    March 27, 2018

Hope has not had any morning sickness of any kind. Right now she is on her puppy food, and not begging any more than normal for my food.

She is spending most of her time in the nursery with May Bell and her babies playing with them, her little sister, Jessie, and laying around in her comfy bed. Hope has always been a princess, but she is more so when she is pregnant. There is a doggie door for them to use, but Hope wants me to carry her to the doggie door, then she will go out. Of course I do that for her :)


  More updates on Hope and her pregnancy coming soon  :)



          April 17, 2028

Hope is getting a lot bigger with this pregnancy than she did with the last one. I have started giving her people snacks eveyday, sometimes twice a day, lol. i thought I would video her eating a snack for you. You can see how wide she has gotten in this video as well.





















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