Expectant Mommy - Pomeranian- Hope Lynn


I decided to do this page because I thought if famous women could show off their baby bumps why should my girls be any different? I mean they are famous too; right? They are famous to me, and to each one of you who has one of their babies or who is going to have.


 So I thought this would be a fun way to show mommies while they are pregnant. I will tell you how each mommy is doing and their little quirks, and post pictures of baby bellies. I will post other pictures as well.








Hope Lynn                                                                                                   Teddy  


Hope and Teddy are expecting their first babies together the week of April 21, 2019.  


 So far Hope's pregnancy has been very easy. She has gained quite a bit a weight so she is uncomfortable. I do give her back rubs and belly rubs throughout the day and every night  before bedtime.   

 Here is a picture of mommy Hope's baby belly on 4-5-19  







                      4/5/19    Hope getting her daily treat



Hope's pregnancy is still going very smooth. The babies are growing quite a bit as she is getting wider. She could have the babies anytime as the general rule is 63 days, give or take  week. Here is a picture of Hope's baby belly as of today:





Hope has had her babies. Please go to "Available Pomeranian Puppies- Hope"





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