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I want to share some very exciting news. In April 2016 I was contacted by Hallmark Cards for some of my puppies to do a photo shoot for them. Of course I said YES! The photo shoot was done in April, 2016, and was for Easter 2017. They used four of my puppies and there were two young girls who posed in some of the pictures with them.

I will not know if any of the pictures will be used, I have to wait for Easter time to come and look for their pictures. They can be on ANY Hallmark item, including the big cardboard signs in the stores.

Of course I am hoping they use some of the pictures they took, that would be extremely amazing. I am just extremely honored they choose my puppies for this photo shoot. They also are going to keep me as a contact to possibly use future puppies and/or my adult dogs. After doing this since 2002 it is an amazing feeling to be noticed by Hallmark Cards.


  I am so excited to share this with all of you. At the end of November 2016 I finally got what I had been waiting for, a couple of pictures from the Hallmark photo shoot. The people I am in touch with do not know if they, or any of the other pictures, will be used or for what. So you and I will all have to keep an eye out at Easter.

  All of the puppies they used in the photo shoot are Ginger and Boris's babies. All of them are in wonderful, loving Forever Homes.

I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I do!



I am so excited to share with you that Halmark did use the picture on the right for an Easter card. There are no words to express my joy and excitment about this. Thank you so much Halmark!



Hi, my name is Jann, I want to tell you a little bit about me; my PomeraniansPomapoos. I live in a small town in northwest Missouri. I am not a "breeder" in the regular definition of the word. I do not use breeder speak or treat my kids like they are live stock, they are my kids. They ALL live in my home with me. I have said on many occasions that my home is an over sized dog house, and I am their live in maid, but I would not have it any other way. We all play inside and out, we play tug, and catch, and just run around. Each kid has certain things they like to do with me and I try to make a point to play with each of them every day, no matter my schedule. 






Pomeranian Mommies

                                     Shasta Leigh, Ginger Ann, May Bell, Hope Lynn



Pomeranian Daddies

                                  Boris Paval, Leo Mason, Charlie Brown




                                               Pomapoo Mommies

                                          Sandy Jo, Gillie Jill Ann, May Bell




                                                Pomapoo Daddy

                                                      Cole Dean




 You can see pictures of all of my kids on either the "My Girls" or

"My Boys" pages.


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